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FALL DETECTION When life happens ...
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Sending instant text alerts to unlimited people based on your settings
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Wherible works automatically with cellular service connected directly to the device and does not require a smartphone, base station, wireless, Bluetooth or additional devices.  Get Wherible today … click here!


Customize your settings for alerts, reporting frequency and more


See the location of your loved one and get text alerts / updates via your smartphone


Fall Detection


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Austin Z – Coral Springs, FL

We bought Wherible because mother has a bit of dementia at night. She does not leave the condo without someone with her but lives alone. She has had one fall that Wherible caught and we were thankful we got the alert and called her neighbor. She was rattled but checked out OK. She has a flip phone and can’t text so she uses the Wherible panic button to text us when she needs something or wants to talk. We are 800 miles away but our stress level has been down at night since we got Wherible in March.

Mike D – Dacula, GA

My mom lives alone and fell when she was gardening. She broke her cheekbone and fortunately a neighbor was walking his dog and discovered her and got her to the hospital. It would break her heart to quit gardening and she treat those flowers like family. We got her Wherible and she knows to wear it under her blouse for almost a year now with no problems. My brother and I check on her with the app every night to be sure she is at home and that the Wherible device is charged.

Sandy M – Brandon, MS

The relief in my father’s voice when I called him immediately after he fell was as comforting as me getting the alert when the fall occurred.  My aging father is 400 miles away from me.  Falls, driving and any other reason he may need help have been a source of stress for years.  Wherible has alleviated much of that stress.  My dad can push a panic button and I get notified.  If he falls I get notified.  The GPS allows me to know exactly where my father is located.    While he is good about wearing his tracker, thanks to the temperature sensor, I know if he is wearing it or not. This device provides an incredible sense of peace for both my father and I.


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