“I am excited and also privileged not only to be a healthcare advisor to Wherible, but delighted to announce I will Chair the company’s Advisory Board, and have joined the company’s executive leadership team, in the role of Vice President.”

Ann M. Cheverton

#DigitalHealthTechnology & #CanYouImagine Blog Series

Our blog post objective is to inform those that are curious and interested in learning about how Digital Health Technology (DHT) can enhance, enable, and potentially assist in providing key safety, health and activity data for seniors and other vulnerable populations living at home in their community, a senior care facility, or wherever they live. Information provided, will consist of links to published articles, white papers and educational information to assist you in learning about the intersection of health and technology and the value of leveraging of data.

To My Senior Health Care Colleagues and Network: The Silver Tsunami is Here…

As I learn and explore these technology advancements and discover their capability and function, I will also share the drivers behind the need to act now, links to supportive or validation article’s that will help you sort out what you might need to do, as we brace for the Silver Tsunami. Essentially the tidal wave of 82 million seniors retiring by 2032 and the epic gaps between care needed and caregiver staffing shortages and how technology can help bridge some of those gaps and assist caregivers, healthcare workers and families, in caring for seniors at home. It’s estimated, there are one million unfilled caregiver positions in 2023 and 800,000 seniors on a wait list for care at home since 2022.   Current retirees are at 69 million in 2023.

Are you as worried as I am?

Introductory Blog

Ann M. Cheverton November 10, 2023 Wherible… Who are We…What do We Do… & Why is this Important? Wherible, is an Age-Tech, engineering company, that designs, manufactures novel next-gen wearable devices, such as a pendant or wristband , that if you are not able to wear, you don’t have to. This is a game-changer in…

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Digital Health Technologies and the Power of Digital Biomarkers

This blog will provide you with context and insight on Alzheimer’s Disease clinical research and how technology and the use of digital biomarkers will be invaluable to prevention and treatment initiatives.   Here is the background… In 2011, the National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA) allocated resources “to prevent and effectively treat Alzheimer’s by 2025. Since…

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