Peace of Mind

Wherible is the right solution, to give you peace of mind for your loved ones and insight into their safety and wellbeing at home.

Real-Time Notifications

Wherible sends real-time notifications to your cell phone to alert you that mom…


Fall Detection 1


No Medication, 1


Geo-Fence Breach, 1

No Wearable Device… No Problem

Wherible beacon’s can still detect a fall, if mom can’t wear a pendant or wristband, simply place the beacons where she spends most of her time…

Panic Button Mom, 1
Panic Button Mom, 2
Panic Button Mom, 3

Easy to Use…

Wherible’s starter package includes:

1 Pendant & Lanyard, 3 Beacons, 1 Wristband, 3 Key Fobs, 3 Peel-and-Stick Wall Mounts

Easy to Install…

More Options… More Beacons

Wherible give’s you the option to add more beacons to increase your awareness of Mom’s daily activities

Place Additional Beacons

  • Pill Caddy

  • Walker/Cane

  • Front Door

  • Basement Door

  • Any Point of Access

  • Oven/Microwave

  • Refrigerator

  • Bed

  • Chair

  • Garage

  • Gardening/Shed

  • Washer/Dryer

More Beacons… More Notifications

Monitoring at Home… or “On-the-Go”

Wherible provides global positioning services (GPS) when wearing a pendant or wristband.

When Wearing the Pendant or Wristband:

  • GPS is live

  • Fall detection is active

  • Creates a Geofence around the home

  • Locates Mom at Home and “On-the-Go” (grocery store, restaurants, doctor’s office, etc.)