What Is Edge AI?

Edge AI is a complex term for a simple function, which is performing Machine Learning (ML) tasks on a device, vs. computing in the cloud.

Why Is This Important?

Edge AI devices use ML algorithms to collect and process data where the data is collected, or “on the device” performing tasks including:

  • Making Decisions

  • Correcting Errors

  • Predicting Performance

What Are the Benefits of Wherible Edge AI Devices?

  • Quick Analysis – Device Decision Making

  • Cost-Effectiveness

  • Less Power Consumption

Cost Effective

Security & Compliance

Faster Response Time

Reliable Operations

What does Edge AI mean to Age Tech?

Edge AI devices from Wherible vary greatly from traditional beacons.

So why is the Wherible Edge AI device such a breakthrough?

To transform the Age at Home experience, the Wherible edge device dramatically transforms 5 criteria:

1. Size / Form Factor  2. Computing Power  3. Battery Life  4. Cost 5. Flexibility

What does ‘transform Age at Home’ mean? How do you use it?

Example 1: Inexpensive, Multi-Use

Simple example, a $25 wristband performs both panic button and advanced fall detection algorithm without charging the battery

Example 2: Multi Purpose, Personalized Flexibility

Another example, a Wherible Edge device is zip tied to a walker. The device shows if the
walker is used, how much it’s used, and performs as a panic button.

What Makes Wherible Edge AI Source Data So Valuable?

  • Unlike WiFi or Passive Infrared sensing data solutions, Wherible AI data is focused, personalized, actual data, utilizing Bluetooth and Cellular transmission
  • Wherible combines body worn data with fixed object interactions (bed, bath, chair, kitchen, meds, etc.) creating new proprietary AI data element classes
  • Wherible Edge AI devices are tunable for higher resolution data, leading to deeper insights, driving certainty, faster
  • Wherible AI source data is deeply contextually rich – personalized home variables, daily ADL patterns, human interactions, biomarkers, indoor indoor-outdoor transitions, truly unlimited new AI insights
  • Simply, Wherible AI source data is the FUTURE of AGE AT HOME